End of Life,


and Death

Interested in curating your end-of-life experience?
I encourage discussion about death and dying and invite you to confront and process the inevitable.  We plan everything in our lives down to the last detail…except the one event that is guaranteed to happen to us all.

As an End-of-Life Doula, 
I have open conversations about the process of dying and offer support in creatively exploring options and preparations for death.  At any point in a person’s life, I help develop personal death goals, discuss alternatives to the the conventional hospital death, funeral and burial process, and assist in navigating towards a more personal and self-guided dying experience.

As a Death Doula, 
I sit vigil at the bedside of the dying person and provide emotional and informational support to the dying and those present.

As a Mourning Doula,
I provide logistical support and help prepare the dying person’s artifacts in the hours and days following their death. I offer support to family and friends with a meaningful goodbye.

My creed
When we’re born, we’re given a terminal diagnosis…We will all die.
I believe contemplating death is a way of embracing life fully.

As a member of the death positive movement, I endeavor to lovingly walk alongside you in whatever journey you’re on with compassion, without judgment, not trying to fix anything, nor trying to impact the outcome. I will hold space for you, open my heart, and offer gentle unconditional support in a place of safety and comfort.